Admission Procedure

Entrance Test/Personal Interaction

  1. The date of entrance test/personal interaction would be informed at the time of registration.
  2. Procedure for Entrance Test/Personal Interaction will be carried out as directed by the administration department.

Payment of fees is to be made in four installments as given below:

  1. 1st Installment (April to June) – To be paid in the month of April.
  2. 2nd Installment (July to September) – To be paid in the month of July.
  3. 3rd Installment (October to December) – To be paid in the month of October.
  4. 4th Installment (January to March) – To be paid in the month of January.

At the time of admission, the first installment of fee alongwith Admission Fee and other Annual Charges shall have to be paid.

All tuition fees are otherwise payable by the 10th day of relevant month. From 11th to 31st of the month, late fee will be levied @ Rs. 50/- per day.

If student fails to pay the school dues within the specified period, his/her name will be struck off the rolls and he/she will have to be re-admitted after seeking the approval from the Principal and after making full payment of the school dues and fine.

Important Rules:

  1. Registration Fee is not refundable.
  2. Students who, after their registration, remain absent from the entrance test shall not be considered for admission.
  3. Students who have previously attended other school, cannot be admitted until a Transfer Certificate from the earlier school is produced.
  4. The school reserves the right to admit students who are found to be fit for admission. In all matters related to admissions, the decision of school management will be final.