Admission Rules

The registration forms for admission to all classes will available from office along with the prospectus. The duly filled forms will be deposited at the school office which will remain open from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm.

Age requirement (as on 31st march) :

NurseryOver 3 Years and Below 4 Years
K.G.Over 4 Years and Below 5 Years
1st ClassOver 5 Years and Below 6 Years
2nd ClassOver 6 Years and Below 7 Years
3rd ClassOver 7 Years and Below 8 Years
4th ClassOver 8 Years and Below 9 Years
5th ClassOver 9 Years and Below 10 Years
6th ClassOver 10 Years and Below 11 Years
7th ClassOver 11 Years and Below 12 Years
8th ClassOver 12 Years and Below 13 Years
9th ClassOver 13 Years and Below 14 Years
10th ClassOver 14 Years and Below 15 Years
11th ClassOver 15 Years and Below 16 Years
12th ClassOver 16 Years and Below 17 Years
  1. Registration fee is no refundable and registration is no guarantee for admission.
  2. Only the registered candidates will be called for an admission test/interview except the candidates of Nursery. The test will be held in the Ist week of April every year in English, Hindi & Maths subjects, of the standard of the class passed.
  3. The application for registration will be accepted upto 25th March every year.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit of entrance test & interview that depends on the vacant seats.
  2. The candidate will be granted admission after depositing the school fee.