Principal's Message

At Ved Model we believe that each child is a magnificent gift of god with inherent talents. We only have to unfold and elicit the already existing traits and potential.

Educationists worldwide believe that we shouldn’t preach and teach rather we should create environs and conditions where in a good and rightful learning takes place.

Let us this day promise to ourselves that we will stop competing and comparing our child with other children. Let us ask our child to compare and complete her/him with herself/himself and look ahead. Criticism of teachers or school facilities in children’s presence should be scrupulously avoided because it adversely affects their behavior and appropriate academic progression.

Parents are firmly advised to address their grievances to the principal. Seeking leave from school for mere social functions is not recommended because it retards the child’s resolve and attitude to studies. Please also remember all telephonic conversation with the school should be minimal as it hampers working of the school.

With regards to parents and good wishes to my students.

Mrs. Usha Rani Goswami