Administrator's Message

Administrator's Insight: Guiding Principles and Vision for Excellence

Continuing to evolve, I maintain an unwavering dedication to learning, recognizing that those who actively seek knowledge elevate themselves. It's humanity's duty to progress in the pursuit of knowledge.

At Ved Model Sr. Sec. School, we foster academic prowess, refine aesthetic sensibilities, and cherish each student's uniqueness. Our approach prioritizes joyful learning over rote methods, emphasizing research-based education with personalized plans tailored to individual potential.

Within our nurturing environment, we cultivate lifelong learners, encouraging students to develop as critical thinkers and well-rounded individuals. Grounded in values yet reaching for the stars, we aim to nurture global citizens committed to peace and unity. Education, to us, is a lifelong journey filled with joy and discovery.


Mrs. Urmil Bondwal